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Fridge Red Flags 🚩 7 signs your commercial refrigerator is dying

Are you seeing signs your refrigerator is dying? A good quality commercial refrigerator, if well maintained, can last a very long time! But what are the signs that maybe it’s time to say goodbye 👋 to your current unit?

In this blog we will talk about 7 red flags 🚩 to look out for!


Your electric bills are on the rise 💸

One of the most tell-tale signs your refrigerator may be nearing its end is a consistent increase in your energy bills. And no business likes that! 🚫 A malfunctioning fridge can consume more power as it struggles to maintain the appropriate temperature, leading to an unexpected spike in your electricity costs.

Food is going bad 🤢

Another indication that your refrigerator may be on its last legs is when your food starts to spoil prior to its expiration date. This is not always a definitive sign of a faulty refrigerator, but it does warrant further investigation.

Start by checking your fridge’s temperature settings. The ideal temperature within your refrigerator should range between 1.6 and 5 °C. If your refrigerator’s temperature settings are within this range, yet your food is still spoiling, you should then inspect the door seals. The seals play a critical role in retaining the cold air inside your refrigerator and keeping any warm air out. A clean, tight seal is essential to prevent premature food spoilage.

Fortunately, replacing a seal is relatively straightforward and cost-effective, as opposed to replacing the entire refrigerator. Get in touch with us if you notice something and we can help you find the best solution for you.

Incorrect freezer temperature 🤒

One sign that’s easy to overlook is when your freezer gets too cold. 🥶

You need a temperature of -18 for your freezer. If your freezer feels excessively cold, it could indicate an underlying problem.

Older freezers are particularly susceptible to frost build-up. ❄️  If you’re encountering this issue, the first thing to check is for a cracked door seal that’s permitting warm, humid air to infiltrate, a common cause of freezer frost. If this isn’t the issue, there could be a defect with the refrigerator defrost sensor.

In case your freezer is malfunctioning, it’s advisable to call in a technician to inspect the problem. At Big Bear Australia we offer 24 hour support, including emergency refrigeration repairs for the Sydney area! 🐻‍❄️ ✅

Compressor motor noise 📣

A particularly concerning sign that your refrigerator may be on its last legs is when you start to hear the motor. 📣

Refrigerators are known to be one of the louder appliances, but if you have gone years without noticing its sound and suddenly it becomes audible, this is a definite red flag 🚩.

The temperature control board supplies voltage to the compressor and fan motors. If this component starts to malfunction, it could send continuous power, making the fridge excessively cold and expelling unnecessary energy.

This situation requires immediate attention, and you should promptly consult a technician to avoid further complications!

The back of the fridge feels hotter than usual 🥵

A noticeable warning sign that your refrigerator might be malfunctioning is if the back of the fridge feels hotter than usual. While it’s normal for the rear side of a refrigerator to be warmer than the front, an excessive heat to the touch can indicate a problem.

There are a few issues that might lead to an overheated fridge, things like a dirty condenser, coil complications, or even problems with the ventilation system. To keep your fridge functioning efficiently, it’s advised to regularly clean the coils using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. At Big Bear, we offer refrigeration maintenance services if you would rather have a professional do this for you! 🐻‍❄️✅

There are instances however where cleaning isn’t solving the problem and you need to replace the old fridge.

Condensation or frost inside the fridge 😶‍🌫️

Should you observe that the inside of your refrigerator feels damp, exhibits droplets of condensation or unexpected traces of frost, these might be indicators that your fridge’s functioning days are coming to an end.

At Big Bear Australia we can help diagnose your fridge and see if we can offer a simple repair or give you a consultation for a new unit! You can test the seal’s effectiveness yourself by trapping a banknote in the door as you close it (smart hey! 🤓) If the note slips out with ease, you might only need a simple repair.  However, if upon testing, the sealing doesn’t appear to be the issue, it would be more prudent to call a repair service or contemplate investing in a new refrigerator or HVAC system. We can help you with both! 🐻‍❄️✅

Your refrigerator is more than 10-15 years old 👵

All appliances, regardless of their quality or brand, have a finite life span. If you’ve been experiencing any of the issues mentioned above on a persistent basis, it’s worth trying to recall when you purchased your refrigerator, or better yet, checking the manufacture date. Typically, you can find this date on a sticker located somewhere inside the unit.

If, upon investigation, you discover that your refrigerator is over 10 years old, it is likely time to consider a replacement. Appliances of this age tend to be less efficient than their modern counterparts, and repair costs can quickly add up, making the purchase of a new refrigerator a more economical choice in the long term! Check out our refrigeration solutions, we supply the best fridges Sydney! 🐻‍❄️✅

So, is it time to repair your faulty refrigerator or buy a new fridge?

If you’ve been noticing any of the red flags above 🚩 it could be a sign that your fridge is dying. Your fridge may have some life in it yet but, depending on the diagnosis, it may be time to say thank you and goodbye to your refrigerator 👋. We’re here to help you figure out whether to repair or replace your unit and find the perfect solution for you and your business! Get in touch with us today! 🐻‍❄️❄️