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Commercial Refrigeration Servicing & Maintenance In Sydney

Expert, commercial refrigeration servicing, available in Sydney and surrounding areas 24/7. Proactive commercial refrigeration services, repairs and maintenance programs will reduce risk in relation to stock-loss, and minimise your operations experiencing costly down-time. After any installation, it’s also important to maintain reliable servicing to meet the meeting manufacturers requirements for warranty.

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Refrigeration, freezer room nightmare

Say, there’s a major breakdown of refrigeration equipment in your hotel, restaurant, entertainment venue, meat processing facility or manufacturing plant.

Turns out, it’s due to failure of worn-out parts that would have been picked up by a technician in a regular service. By the time you’re up and running again, you’ve suffered major loss of stock and disruption to customer service. You’ve also had to pay big repair bills.

In summary, your organisation has experienced a significant loss of income and reputation.
It doesn’t have to be this way.

Cool room repair and commercial air conditioning service

When equipment runs smoothly, it’s tempting to be lulled into a false sense of security. This results in many companies taking the ‘set and forget’ approach.

Yet even the best equipment goes wrong at some point. New, old, or somewhere in between, your industrial fridges, freezers and ice machines require regular commercial refrigeration service by fully qualified refrigeration mechanics to keep them icy-cold and efficient.

Commercial air conditioning maintenance is also critical for Australian organisations, to keep staff comfortable, safe and productive.

Preventing Breakdowns In The Commercial Refrigeration Industry

Big Bear specialises in preventive maintenance, designed to stop problems before they happen. We offer a range of maintenance programs, tailored to suit the individual needs of our customers.

Fortunately, most breakdowns can be prevented using a simple, regular and cost-effective maintenance program administered by our skilled technicians. We follow the Fair Pricing system, so customers always get a fair go.

Our high-level maintenance programs rely on proven processes. We collaborate closely with manufacturers, ensuring we keep each component running exactly as it should. This reduces downtime, irons out potential issues and aids business continuity.

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End-to-end refrigeration services

Big Bear specialists can:

Assess your company’s requirements.
Design the right maintenance program.
Manage regular maintenance visits.
Consult when it’s time to replace equipment.

Cold Room Repairs

Whether you need cold room repairs, commercial fridge repair or salad bar repair, our expert team works across Sydney, Gosford, Katoomba and Wollongong to keep you cool and productive.

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