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Our highly skilled, 24/7 technicians will review, assess and fix your industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning problems first time, every time. We take great pride in our ability to deliver on promise, within the time frame you need.
Managing Director

Jason Tink

Big Bear Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (BBRAC)
Specialist in Industrial, Commercial, Supermarket Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

“I just love what I do. I’m passionate about fixing things and making things work. I’ve always been like that. Our typical day is all about solving problems – you need to be a logical thinker and understand how things work.”

Jason Tink is a brilliant, natural-born problem solver. Intensely driven, he’d had four jobs before he’d even left school.

He’s also a perfectionist and is constantly looking for new challenges.

“I finish things. I do a job and I try and do it correctly to a high standard.”

Jason started Big Bear Refrigeration and Air Conditioning because he could see a massive gap in the industry for skilled technicians. He holds a dual qualification in mechanical fitting and refrigeration, and between himself and business partner Matt, they bring almost thirty years of experience to an industry that has a desperate shortage of skilled, qualified technicians.

It’s not something he takes lightly.

“For me, it’s about getting a good outcome for the client … and it’s also about the journey, not the destination. I like to set myself big challenges and meet them head on.”

Practical and purposeful, Jason relaxes by listening to music and enjoys going on holidays … not that he’s had much time off since starting Big Bear Refrigeration and Air conditioning with Matt Whiteland.

Jason met business partner Matt when they both worked with a big supermarket chain.

“I had to deal with him regularly. I didn’t like him at first – his job was to give me a hard time and question everything I was doing. But over time we became friends, and eventually decided to combine our talents, team up and see what we could achieve.”

At the core of the Big Bear business is customer service, customer focused solutions and the pursuit of service excellence.

“We treat employees and customers as family – and strive for continual growth and improvement.”
Jason enjoys watching documentaries, talking about politics and achieving what people say is impossible.

Highly skilled. Highly sought after.

It’s no secret that skilled, qualified refrigeration and A/C technicians are hard to come by… in fact, there’s a massive shortage.

Air temperature problems can be complex, and using under-qualified technicians to fix these issues can result in loss.

– Loss of product.
– Loss of time.
– Loss of labour.


Highly qualified technicians.

We are intensely proud of our passionate team of highly skilled, highly qualified technicians.

We partner with customers ranging from large multinational supermarket chains to bespoke caterers and cafes … and everything in between to make sure your temperatures stay down and you keep your cool – preventing loss and downtime.

We’re fiercely proud of these key partnerships, and we strive to nurture and strengthen them every day.

Fixing the problem… first time, every time.

Big Bear saves our customers time and money. By utilising our almost 30 years of experience and expertise we can focus on finding and fixing the problem first time, every time and preventing problems from recurring.

We partner with business in all industries, including the following:

  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration storage and processing facilities
  • Industrial and commercial air conditioning
  • Supermarket refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Meat and poultry production and processing facilities
  • Food manufacturing and process cooling facilities
  • Pharmaceutical businesses
  • Petrochemical businesses
  • Cafes
  • Bakeries

Industry best diagnostic equipment

At Big Bear, not only do we have the skills and knowledge to keep your commercial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment ice-cold… we also have state of the art, industry best diagnostic equipment so we can quickly and accurately diagnose and fix problems like gas leaks and equipment breakdowns.

And, as industry leaders, we’re constantly searching for advances in technology so we can keep your equipment running at the right temperature … and delivering on promise with our fair pricing policy.

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Our passion is to fix things first time, every time.

We partner with businesses ranging from large multinational supermarket chains to bespoke caterers and cafes to maintain systems and keep the temperature of your refrigeration and air conditioning systems ice-cold.


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Client Stories


Jason from Big Bear Refrigeration made such a great effort with our large freezer room. Our compressors kept failing and Matt re-commissioned the rack which had no safety control circuit. His work prevented a further loss of another $50,000 worth of compressors. The feedback we received was honest and their communication was always appreciated. A team like theirs is tough to find these days

by Dave Jarred
Operations Manager – Nonna’s Bakery

I really appreciate Jason from Big Bear Refrigeration for saving my business and the sanity of my staff members. He fixed numerous refrigeration issues for me from my cool room to my freezer system. The most difficult issue I had was my salad bar and under bench refrigeration system. I had two other companies come and try to fix the problem prior and both had claimed to fix it but did not. Jason knew exactly what he was talking about, had the high-tech equipment to find the problem and solve it efficiently and effectively. He was upfront with the cost and always informed me when something needed to be done. Would recommend to anyone with a refrigeration need.

by Diane Santos

Director – Kube Cafe Catering

The air conditioning system in our Cammeray office died four months ago! We experienced a lot of delays because we had to go through our strata building management. By the time we got in touch with Jason from Big Bear, six or seven contractors had already been through the building, but they weren’t able to help. He was definitely the most knowledgeable of all the contractors we met. He was really thorough and was the only one able to find the source of the problem. We were so happy when Jason’s quote was approved and we were able to arrange a suitable time for him to come and fix the system. He was easy to deal with and totally flexible to come two weekends in a row to finish the job. Now our air conditioning system is up and running … in time for summer.

by Kristle van Bijion

HR Manager – Cruiseco

We recently had defrosted coil heaters burn out. This iced up the evaporator coil and completely distorted the coil. Jason and Matt were able to save us thousands of dollars and installed new heaters through a distorted coil. Thanks for your perseverance guys!

by Mark Garratt

Owner – Garratt’s Catering

We needed new commercial refrigeration and contacted the team at Big Bear Refrigeration. So glad we did as we would have paid more had we not purchased from Big Bear. Stylish, cold and what our customers appreciate!

by Tanya Jorgenson – Epping

Sales Manager

If you’re looking for commercial refrigeration for your business look no further than the team at Big Bear Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. We love that these guys are quality technicians as well as providing the sales we need!

by T Peters

Sales Admin

Having recently moved into a new office the air conditioning was not working! In fact it took eleven weeks and after three failed attempts, Jason Tink from Big Bear NSW arrived and fixed it in two hours! As far as we are concerned we won’t again waste our time using anyone but the best in air conditioning across Sydney in our view – Big Bear Air Conditioning Team.

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