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Big Bear’s professional, award-winning consulting service can help you secure the most cost-effective, efficient and genuinely fit-for-purpose commercial refrigeration or air conditioning system for your company’s needs.

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A-list industry guidance.

There’s nothing quite like the right advice, at the right time. Big Bear’s experienced refrigeration design consultants and air conditioning consultants are here to advise you on the best course of action for your organisation.

This can help you avoid the pitfalls when buying a new industrial unit, upgrading your existing system, planning to expand, or setting up new commercial premises.


specialist team

Our specialist team can provide answers to all the following questions, and more.

Is it better to upgrade or replace our current units?
Can we retrofit our current system with more sustainable hydrocarbons?
Will a new commercial refrigeration system be cheaper to run and kinder for the environment?
What size and type of industrial refrigeration suits our changing needs?
Can you recommend the greenest, most affordable commercial air conditioning?
Can you design and project manage plans for a new cool room?
How much money will we save with new or upgraded cooling systems?
Once our new system is installed, can you help us monitor and maintain it?

Engineering excellence, at your fingertips

Our skilled engineers, led by award-winning engineer Warren Cole, work closely with you to create innovative, cost-effective and energy-efficient designs for your commercial refrigeration or air conditioning plant.

With outstanding technical expertise and engineering capacity, we follow your project through from design to successful completion.

Big Bear does it all in-house – project design, implementation, sourcing, installation, and testing to industry standards, with emergency callouts, tailored follow-up and preventive maintenance plans also available.

The sustainability of your system design is always high priority, to help your organisation minimise its carbon footprint.

If you are looking for a refrigeration consultant or air conditioning consultant in Sydney, Gosford, Katoomba or Wollongong, call today to discuss your requirements.

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