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24/7 Commercial Freezer & Fridge Repairs Service

Fast response times in commercial fridge repairs is the Big Bear difference. We specialise in 24-hour emergency commercial refrigeration repair-cover, for round-the-clock peace of mind. Our technicians carry most spare parts for common repairs, so whatever happens, we can help protect your stock & get your operations back on track.

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Help with Commercial fridge repairs & cold rooms in Sydney.

We help, service and repair some of Australia’s biggest businesses to keep on trading at optimum capacity. Offering the best fridge repairs service in Sydney.

The services we provide to Sydney and surrounding areas include a prompt commercial, 24-hour refrigeration repair service, freezer room and cool room maintenance, commercial appliance repairs, the servicing of refrigeration cabinets, bar refrigeration and commercial equipment, plus all HVAC+R services. Our refrigeration mechanics are fully qualified and accredited technicians, who are available to troubleshoot and fix the most challenging refrigeration and air conditioning issues whenever they occur. Our repair and service technicians carry all common commercial refrigeration parts from major brands such as Bosch, Smeg, Skope and more, to get your operations up and running fast.

This means you minimise refrigerator stock damage, maintain cool rooms, cold rooms and any commercial refrigeration equipment, while preserving valuable product and getting back to normal business operations as soon as possible. Our commercial refrigeration repairs team operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Common Commercial Refrigerator Issues

Some of the most common commercial fridge issues include malfunctioning thermostats, an evaporator fan motor or dirty fans, a faulty compressor, refrigerant leaks, or restricted airflow. Ice accumulation inside the system can occur, as well. If you notice frost buildup in your commercial refrigerator, it may be due to inadequate air ventilation, a defective door gaskets sealing on your fridge door, or doors being left open for extended periods of time. Warm air entering the unit leads to condensation and ultimately the formation of frost. Most of these issues don’t require costly repairs and we can keep your commercial operation running easily.


Commercial Refrigeration Repair Emergency?

So many things can go wrong. Too warm, and food goes off. Too hot, and it ices up. Maybe your cool rooms are at different temperatures, with unbalanced air and the potential for staff to fall sick. Faulty air conditioning and commercial refrigeration can make things uncomfortable – and unhealthy – for guests, visitors or the workforce. It’s important to prioritise your refrigeration repairs.

Don’t worry. Our 24-hour refrigeration repairs service and HVAC repair crew is equipped to deal with any and every kind of emergency breakdown.

Hotels – keeping beers chilled, while wines and revenues continue to flow. Urgent Sydney refrigeration repairs to keep your business in operation.
Restaurants – keep food fresh and customers comfortable.
Supermarkets – keep fridge displays and storage facilities at perfect temperatures.
Meat production works – preserve core business, no spoiled meat.
Food manufacturers – keep vital production lines up and running with our emergency commercial refrigeration repair service.
Commercial/Industrial refrigeration storage – we monitor, respond and maintain all your equipment, offering urgent commercial fridge repairs to prevent stock-loss.
Entertainment venues – emergency commercial refrigeration repair = happy visitors and ensures the show goes on!

Emergency air conditioning service

Our skilled crew can carry out the complete range of emergency air conditioning repairs for commercial and industrial enterprises, ensuring you look after your people, as well as your stock – 24 hours a day.

Whether you are in Sydney, Wollongong, Gosford or Katoomba, trust us to smooth out your commercial fridge, air conditioning and HVAC issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Refrigeration Repairs

  • Should I attempt to fix the refrigeration issue myself?

    Unless you have professional HVAC and refrigeration training, it’s not recommended. Attempting a DIY repair could worsen the problem, cause safety hazards, or void equipment warranties.

  • How quickly can I expect a professional technician to arrive?

    We can usually get to your Sydney location within the hour, but of course, response times can vary depending on your location, the time of day, and the availability of our HVAC technicians.

  • What information should I provide when requesting emergency refrigeration repairs assistance?

    Please be prepared to provide your business name, location, contact details, a brief description of the issue, photos, and any relevant details like the type and brand of the refrigeration equipment as well as the environment it’s in.

  • Are emergency repair services available 24/7?

    Yes, Big Bear’s refrigeration repair services are offered round-the-clock in Sydney and surrounding areas for emergency assistance, for commercial clients.

  • Should I consider replacing the system if it frequently requires emergency repairs?

    If your refrigeration system is consistently breaking down, it might be more cost-effective in the long run to invest in a newer, more reliable system. Our technicians can assess your situation, provide information and help you make an informed decision. This also includes energy efficiency advice.

  • Is there an expensive call-out fee for urgent commercial fridge repairs?

    For first-time customers, we offer Sydney businesses a $0 call-out fee. If you’re a regular client, we’re happy to negotiate a service level that you’re happy with.