Sydney’s leading refrigeration and HVAC repair team...

Sydney’s leading refrigeration and HVAC repair team...

We are Sydney’s leading commercial refrigeration and air conditioning service specialists.

Our highly skilled, 24/7 technicians will review, assess and fix your industrial and commercial refrigerator and air conditioning problems first time, every time. We take great pride in our ability to deliver on promise, within the time frame you need.

Highly skilled. Highly sought after.

Highly skilled. Highly sought after.

It’s no secret that skilled, qualified refrigeration and A/C technicians are hard to come by … in fact, there’s a massive shortage.

Air temperature problems can be complex, and using under-qualified technicians to fix these issues can result in loss.

Loss of product. Loss of time. Loss of labour.

We are intensely proud of our passionate team of highly skilled, highly qualified technicians. We partner with customers ranging from large multinational supermarket chains to bespoke caterers and cafes … and everything in between to make sure your temperatures stay down and you keep your cool – preventing loss and downtime.

We’re fiercely proud of these key partnerships, and we strive to nurture and strengthen them every day.

A pricing system you can trust

Thanks to the Big Bear Fair Pricing System, we’ve earned the enviable reputation as Sydney’s most trusted commercial refrigeration and air conditioning service team.

When we quote your job, we make our best estimate of the time it will take to complete … but if the job takes less time than the original quote … we’ll only charge you for the hours worked.

So you know that our quote is the maximum you will pay … but the final bill could be significantly less.

So not only do our clients enjoy a superior skill level from a hugely experienced technician, but they have absolute trust in our quoting and invoicing process.

Sydney’s best preventative maintenance programme

Sydney’s best preventative maintenance programme

“Maintenance and service are the backbone of our business.” Jason Tink

Custom-built maintenance programmes are our secret weapon. They almost guarantee the ongoing health of your equipment … and ensure every component stays at the right temperature, performs at its peak and maintains optimum efficiency…

… reducing any downtime that could cost you greatly.

But how do we do it? As natural-born problem solvers, we’ve developed a process for implementing our custom-built maintenance programmes – designed to keep your systems working at full capacity and icy cold, every time.

And, we look after all the pesky paperwork required for compliance.

Finding the problem, fixing the problem ... first time, every time.

The Big Bear team focus on finding and fixing the problem first time and preventing problems from recurring.

We save our customers time and money by utilising our almost 30 years of technical experience and expertise on a huge variety of systems including:

  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration storage and processing facilities
  • Industrial and commercial air conditioning
  • Supermarket refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Meat and poultry production and processing facilities
  • Food manufacturing and process cooling facilities
  • Pharmaceutical businesses
  • Petrochemical businesses
  • Cafes
  • Bakeries

Industry best diagnostic equipment

At Big Bear, not only do we have the skills and knowledge to keep your commercial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment ice-cold … we also have state of the art, industry best diagnostic equipment so we can quickly and accurately diagnose and fix problems like gas leaks and equipment breakdowns.

And, as industry leaders, we’re constantly searching for advances in technology so we can keep your equipment running at the right temperature … and delivering on promise with our fair pricing policy.

“Jason knew exactly what he was talking about and had the high-tech equipment to find the problem and solve it efficiently and effectively.” Diane Santos, Kube Catering

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