Why upgrade your air conditioning fan?

Eventually your air conditioning fans will stop working. Or you’ll want to improve your energy efficiency and reduce running costs. Or have a quieter system.

The future of air conditioning

Why upgrade your fan motors?
The future of air conditioning

The RadiPac centrifugal fans are the future of air conditioning.

They house intuitive technology and an ability to adjust speed based on the size of the turbine, making them more efficient.

They don’t overwork; they last longer and are more reliable.

Oh, and the best thing? They’re whisper quiet.

Want to hear more? Of course you do – these new RadiPac fans are making air conditioning sexy!

Reinventing the wheel

Global giants Ebm-papst have revolutionised air conditioning with their new RadiPac fans. These German built fans are super reliable, and all parts compatible and interchangeable. They’ll give you years and years of service.

The RadiPac centrifugal fans are at the forefront of design and technology … enabling incredible efficiency.

Award winning Design and Technology

Global Giants Ebm-papst cleaned up at the recent Design + Technology Awards, where the RadiPac GreenTech EC centrifugal fan won the Gold award in the “Product” category.

Energy efficient and compact

The centrifugal fans in the RadiPac product range are specially designed for use in ventilation and air conditioning equipment and are distinguished by their compactness, efficiency, ease of use and safety.

Optimal Performance

The impeller, motor and electronics system are all optimally adjusted to one another, leading to an overall efficiency of well above 60%.

And there’s a good reason these fans are so efficient – the external rotor design GreenTech EC motor.

This is a mains-powered, permanently-energised synchronous motor with electronic commutation.

Its efficiency is significantly higher than the efficiency class IE4, and it achieves this without the use of supply-critical rare-earth magnets.

And whisper quiet

All of these improvements benefit both the environment and users’ wallets: The fans are now 13% more efficient and their noise level has decreased by over 3dB(A).

See, we told you they were making air conditioning sexy.

In a world of their own

Individual RadiPac components are precisely adjusted to one another, which produces an outstanding result: the highest possible system efficiency. This is achieved thanks to a combination of highly developed components and innovative technology.

The new RadiPac models really are in a class all of their own.

What you get when you upgrade to RadiPac with Big Bear

Realistic performance specifications – as the performance data of the entire fan is continuously measured by means of the components: high-performance impeller, GreenTech EC motor and control electronics.

Effective logistics – as a single RadiPac part number includes all components required for your ventilation demands.

Simple commissioning – as all features necessary for operation are already installed and adapted to one another.

High-performance impeller

High static efficiency

  • Aerodynamically optimised blade channel
  • Integrated rotation diffuser
  • Inlet nozzle adjusted to impeller

Low noise emissions

  • Angular trailing edge for optimised flow control
  • Integrated rotation diffuser
  • Inlet nozzle adjusted to impeller

Low vibration

  • Dynamic balancing of the impeller rotor unit minimises the occurrence of structure-borne noise and reduces bearing load

Robust design

  • Suitable for long-term high circumferential speeds
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium
  • Airfoil blade

GreenTech EC motor

Unrivalled compactness

  • The impeller is mounted directly onto the motor rotor

High efficiency

  • Low copper and iron loss
  • No slip loss thanks to synchronous running
  • No hysteresis loss in the rotor due to use of permanent magnets

Unrivalled compactness

  • Optimised commutation permits partial-load operation up to 1:10 with maintenance of high efficiency

Low noise emissions

  • Commutation and stator design permit low-noise magnetisation of the field system
  • High, acoustically imperceptible pulse frequency

Long service life

  • Maintenance-free bearings
  • Brushless commutation

Safe operation

  • Insulated bearing system to avoid bearing currents

Electronics with connection area


  • Infinitely variable speed settings
  • Control signal 0 –10 V DC and MODBUS

Universal applicability

  • Various voltage ratings for worldwide use
  • Suitable for 50 and 60 Hz power lines

Safe operation

  • Integrated anti-lock and excess temperature protection
  • Environment-resistant cable glands

Simple commissioning

  • Central terminal area for power supply, alarm relay, control and communication
  • Secure separation of terminal area and electronics
  • High-quality terminal clamps
  • No adjustment effort required