Why choose a technician who uses a Danfoss Leak Detector?

Why choose a technician who uses a Danfoss Leak Detector?

Ahhh, where do we start? Let’s set the scene. It’s a hot day. You’ve got several hundred customers coming through the door throughout the day for your product, and you have a problem.

Quite a big problem.

Your commercial refrigeration fridge freezer, you know, the one you’ve spent a small fortune on, isn’t cold enough … the temperature is rising and your product starts to spoil in the heat. You’ve only got a small window to work with, before you’ve lost your product – and your customers.

Unfortunately, it’s a common scenario and can be told in a number of ways. Refrigeration systems do spring leaks, some minute, others bigger. Finding them can be tricky and costly.

But the bottom line is, you need it found fast … and fixed fast.

Why our leak detector is simply the best on the market

Yes, finding leaks can be tricky and it pays to have access to equipment that can pinpoint with extreme precision and accuracy where those leaks are.

How does our equipment do that?

It’s the most powerful on the market
It’s the most powerful on the market

We use a leak detector that is the most powerful, most accurate, portable refrigerant detector on the market today.

It can detect down to levels of 1ppm and detect leaks that other instruments can’t.

The readout on the screen is clear and precise, and we’re able to show you with extreme accuracy where your leak is and the intensity of it.

You'll find leak more quickly
You’ll find the leak MORE QUICKLY

Because the Danfoss Leak Detector finds the leak quickly and efficiently, the leak can be fixed faster, minimising downtime …

…saving you money.

Your leak may be as tiny as a pinhole.

Most other leak detectors struggle to find the smaller, trickier ones.

We’re able to show our customers a video of where their leak is and where we’ve fixed it and provide a report.

Danfoss Leak Detector
This leak detector isn’t affected by the environment…

The infrared sensor isn’t affected by changes in temperature and humidity and the real time ppm display quantifies your leak, to help easily find the source.

And it detects more gases than any other leak detector

Over 50 refrigerants are accurately detected, with Halogen CO2, N2O and SF6 versions available. And unlike other leak detectors, the Danfoss can detect any gas on the market.

It really does pay to make the right choice … the first time

It’s no secret there’s a desperate shortage of skilled technicians.

Worse, using an unskilled or underqualified technician to locate a gas leak or fix a problem will cost you money.

So it pays the make the right call, the first time.

And it pays to use someone with skill, experience…

…and state of the art equipment.

Because Big Bear technicians have a crucial understanding of your equipment and systems, they know the importance of getting it right.

They’ve seen it all before, over and over again.

And by investing in state of the art equipment, they ensure that the job is done right the first time, every time.

Find out more about our Rapid Response Breakdown Service here.

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