Multipoint Water Chillers and Coolers

Multipoint Water Chillers and Coolers

Big Bear’s customers expect reliability, high quality materials and fit for purpose design when looking for the right multipoint water chiller solution.

With Thermex Australian-made industrial water chillers, you can enjoy all that and more… including trusted local support, a fast call out service and easy availability of parts.

Thermex’s customised chillers are proudly Australian made… and the company offers a technical experience and expertise in alignment with Big Bear customers’ expectations.

In partnership with Thermex, Big Bear can offer its customers the industry leading multipoint water chiller solution.

Multipoint Water Chillers and Coolers

Why choose Thermex?

Thermex has over 50 years experience in designing, building and producing world-class Industrial Chiller solutions. And their knowledge is unrivalled, designing chillers with a variety of industry applications including mining, schools, hospitals and data centres.

Their in-house engineering team design custom built solutions specific to your cooling needs. And their Sydney-based manufacturers work the with highest quality materials and specifications.

Multipoint Water Chillers and Coolers

Customised solutions for a discerning market

Thermex water chillers are Australian made, therefore the manufacturing processes are of an exceptional standard.

The components and equipment used to make their customised chiller solutions are the best on the market…

German made and engineered, they are consistent, reliable and of the highest quality.

And because each chiller is built to specification, you can choose the level of quality to suit to requirements and budget.

Multipoint Water Chillers and Coolers


We work with the manufacturer to ensure our water coolers and chillers are as energy efficient as possible.

All Thermex water chillers come with a low Global Warming Potential refrigerant.

Thermex water chillers and coolers have a long service life, which means they will outlast other units on the market that will end up in landfill a lot sooner.

The Australian climate is a unique beast.

Our water chiller and cooler range is well suited to the Australian market as they work particularly well in high temperatures.

Multipoint chiller uses

Multipoint Water Chillers and Coolers

Defence sites

Defence force sites across Australia use Thermex multipoint chillers and water coolers.

High temperatures in some of Australia’s remotest regions mean that keeping equipment cool and drinking water icey cold are essential to operations.

Industrial Chiller units are used to cool down machines that clean contaminated soil.

And remotely operated smart features allow units to operate touch free and maintain high or low water pressure as required.

Data Centres

Multipoint chillers are used in data centre cooling, keeping servers humming along without risk of over-heating.

The system works by using the water chiller to keep the air conditioning frosty cold.

A new 800 sqm data centre in Sydney’s West uses a customised Thermex unit to cool the servers in their racks contained in a sealed server room.

Multipoint Water Chillers and Coolers

Mining industry

The commercial mining industry has specialised needs that are dictated by remote locations and accessibility concerns.

But whatever the raw material being produced, all the miners onsite need a reliable source of cold drinking water, made possible by installing Thermex Water Coolers.

XRF machines used constantly in mining to sample soil make use of Thermex water chillers providing a chilled water sleeve to keep the Xray tubes from getting too hot.

Industrial rock grinding machines at work?

They get super hot – a cold water sleeve keeps them working at optimum temperature too.

Multipoint Water Chillers and Coolers

Schools and hospitals

Keep the kids happy in the heat all summer long with perfectly chilled water from the bubbler, attached to a durable, high quality water cooler.

Without cooling, the water from the bubbler would be 30 degrees.

Patients and visitors to hospitals also benefit from ready access to chilled, filtered drinking water…

…and essential medical equipment is kept cool and running reliably with our custom built water chillers.

Air-conditioning systems in schools and hospitals also enjoy a perfectly controlled climate by using water chiller units to cool heat that the units generate.

Multipoint Water Chillers and Coolers

Why choose Big Bear to supply your water chiller?

Big Bear is the right distributor for your customised multipoint water chiller…

…and there’s a good reason why.

Our local knowledge of the Australian market is unsurpassed – we know first-hand how factors like climate, remoteness and access to parts can dictate your chiller needs…

…and we work directly with the manufacturers at Thermex, leveraging their technical expertise and product knowledge.

Our super- efficient installation service means your factory tested chiller or water cooler really is ready to ‘plug and play’ as soon as it’s plumbed into the mains’.

And our maintenance service is second to none. Our expert technicians will proactively maintain your water chiller… and our 24/7 call out service means you won’t be without cool water for long.

For Big Bear’s Thermex water chiller range, click here.

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