Top 10 Tips for Energy Efficiency

Nobody enjoys receiving utility bills … especially not electricity!

With costs rising and most quarterly payments ever-increasing, everyone is keen to find ways to reduce their usage. Energy efficiency is an important aspect of any business that utilises commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.

Here at Big Bear we can help you find ways to save electricity and save money.

Top 10 tips for energy efficiency

1. Upgrade older systems

As with any mechanical piece of equipment, the age of the equipment can impact its efficiency. If your refrigeration unit or air conditioning system is more than ten years old, it’s time to consider an upgrade. More environmentally friendly refrigerants are readily available that can help improve output. The system improvements will return financial savings almost immediately and ongoing charges will be noticeably lower.

2. Professionally repair damage

When a commercial refrigeration unit has minor damage it might not be obviously impacting performance. But, your energy bills could be higher as the system works harder to compensate for the damage. Common minor repairs include damaged gaskets that allow cold air to escape, refrigerant leaks, blocked condensers or blocked evaporators that prevent the transfer of heat from the cool-room. Engaging in regular maintenance will find these issues before they escalate and repair them professionally to minimise extra energy costs.

3. Install air curtains

Any cool-room can benefit from the installation of air curtains as they help to minimise cold air escaping. The space is sealed quickly once a person walks through and supports a reduction in energy use.

4. Swap to LED lighting

Changing the type of lighting in commercial refrigeration is a great way to reduce electricity consumption. Plus, installing motion sensors that trigger the lights to turn on, can further save you money.

5. Install door alarms

A common feature on domestic refrigerators is an alarm that sounds when the door is open too long. Having similar alarms installed on commercial units can help increase awareness and reduce the amount of wasted energy from doors being left open.

6. Misting systems

As we approach summer and the warmer weather, it’s a good time to consider a misting system that keeps the refrigeration condenser cool. Situated outside the unit, the mist helps to maintain the condensers operating temperature and minimise excess energy consumption.

7. Change air filters

Regular cleaning and changing of air filters in air conditioning units can help reduce running costs. This is a simple maintenance activity that is often ignored and can lead to the system working inefficiently.

8. Utilise time switches

Like the light motion sensors mentioned earlier, installing time switches on air conditioning systems can help to keep your electricity costs down. Setting the switch to turn on when the office is occupied is the easiest way to save money.

9. Air balancing

If your air conditioning system is commissioned correctly the energy use will be optimised. Ensuring the right output for each vent is standard in air balancing maintenance.

10. Correct calibration

Making sure that your system is running at the correct temperature is important for energy efficiency. Too hot or too cold and the amount of electricity used can be far greater than necessary. Professional calibration will help improve output and save you money.

All these efficiency tips can be implemented by the team at Big Bear. And by undertaking regular maintenance many of the minor issues can be discovered and repaired quickly, before they cause major problems and cost you more.