The many uses of Thermex Water Chillers

Cold water is an essential component within many different industries.

From manufacturing and mining, to hospitality services and medical applications, the need for instant, continuous chilled water is often critical to day to day operation.

We’ve recently installed a number of Thermex systems within the medical industry … the chillers are used to keep x-ray machines cool. The cold water stops the unit from overheating”

explains Jason Tink, Big Bear’s Managing Director.

“Thermex water chillers are the ideal solution for all sorts of cold water needs. They are designed and made in Australia … the units are affordable and easy to diagnose if an issue every arises. Parts are sourced locally which means no delay … you don’t have to wait for OEM production.”

Here are just some of the ways they help to keep things cool.

Hospitality and food preparation

Complimentary table water … there’s nothing worse than it being room temperature, especially on a 30°C day!

But if the restaurant or café has a Thermex water chiller installed, then you are guaranteed an icy cold glass to be served every time.

Enter the kitchen and the uses for the water chiller become far more involved. Flash boiling or blanching is a common cooking method and is usually followed by plunging the vegetables into chilled water.

Rather than utilising ice cubes that need to be constantly refilled, the Thermex water chiller provides appropriately cold water to stop the cooking process immediately.

This process is also useful for making the perfect boiled egg. Submerge them into chilled water to ensure they won’t continue cooking inside from residual heat when they are removed from the stove.

Chilled water is often preferred for washing many different fruits and vegetables as it helps to maintain their crisp, fresh appearance. This is especially useful for lettuce and other leafy produce.

Plus, in bread baking, large volumes of potable cold water are required. Andrew Blackmore from Thermex Solutions explains …

“A normal chiller is not designed to be used in commercial food applications, so we supply units with specialised heat exchangers that allow the user to draw off cold, potable water as required.”

Outback community services

The Thermex central cooling unit is being utilised in outback towns and indigenous communities to provide access to cold drinking water.

In regions of Australia that are often subjected to soaring temperatures, the water coolers are popular as they can cool large volumes of water.

These types of coolers are popular in schools where they feed cold water to several bubblers at once. Kids at school, during recess and lunch, need readily available water to cool them down from their active, adventurous play.

Typically, the water storage tank is installed inside or away from the elements rather than out in the open area of the playground. This helps to minimise the heat it is exposed to and can guarantee constant cold-water supply.

For communities that seldom have the same living standards as urban city dwellers, these water coolers provide much needed relief in times of severe heat.

Thermex solutions are also utilised by outback hospitals. Like the schools, the cooler supplies cold drinking water to patients, visitors and staff. Plus, essential medical equipment is kept cool and running reliably with custom-built water chillers.

Remote Australian locations

There are many defence force sites across Australia that use Thermex multipoint chillers and water coolers. Some of these locations, such as Karratha in Western Australia or Tindal in the Northern Territory, are in the most remote areas of the country where temperatures can be extremely high. The need for cold water is not only crucial for employee health but also to ensure equipment remains operational.

Andrew tells us …

The soil on some of the defence bases has been contaminated. There is a project team that is actively cleaning the soil before any lasting damage can be done to the environment.


They have specialised equipment that is used to clean the soil … but this equipment produces high amounts of heat and needs to be continuously cooled.

We have installed a chiller to keep the machinery at an optimal temperature … the equipment has a customised water jacket and cold water is pumped around the jacket and this keeps the machinery cool.”

Thermex multipoint chillers and water coolers are also utilised by the commercial mining industry. Remote locations and difficult accessibility mean that miners and other employees need a consistent source of cold drinking water. Plus, heat generating equipment such as x-ray fluorescence (XRF) or rock grinding machines are kept cool with custom water sleeves.

Customised for you

The team at Big Bear works directly with the manufacturers at Thermex, leveraging their technical expertise and product knowledge.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and we can tailor a water chiller solution perfect for your business.