Summer is Coming

Summer is coming…

The warm weather is coming … and we don’t mean the opposite of white walkers north of the wall … we mean beating rays of the sun, shimmering city streets and singlet and double pluggers weather!

You can feel it in the air. People are getting energetic and enjoying the vibrant outdoors, but for many businesses it can mean a commercial refrigeration disaster if they aren’t prepared.

Big Bear can help you be ready for the rising temperatures with our Pre-Summer Maintenance check. The service ensures that your system is in optimal condition and will withstand working at full capacity in the coming season.

Why do you need to be prepared?

During the cooler months it’s not always obvious that your system has a problem. Lower ambient temperatures allow refrigeration units to still effectively keep your produce cool even if there are minor issues. But these minor problems can quickly become critical as soon as the mercury rises. When the days are hotter, the system can’t keep up with the conditions. Suddenly, you require urgent repairs that come with high costs and potential stock loss.

By undertaking a maintenance check now, you will reduce the possibility of emergency call-outs and the extra expenses involved

When performing high-pressure nitrogen cleaning, the technician will ensure there is a wetted barrier to prevent dust or other material from entering the trading area of your business.

If your system has a remote condenser, cleaning will be undertaken with high-pressure water and cleaning compounds as required.

If the Big Bear technician finds any issues during the system check, all repairs and/or parts replacement will be carried out accordingly.

Book now

There are only a few weeks until summer officially starts, but we are already feeling the heat. Contact Big Bear today to book your Pre-Summer Maintenance check.

Be confident that you are prepared for what’s to come …