Proactive v reactive maintenance – who the real winner is!

Do you find yourself responding to refrigeration equipment breakdowns as they happen?

You don’t have a scheduled maintenance programme in place, so work is prioritised randomly in response to breakdowns.

Yes, your business remains operational and perhaps your deliverables are being met, but at what cost?

Did you know the cost of performing unplanned maintenance is typically three times the cost of performing scheduled maintenance?

If you find yourself responding to breakdowns regularly, then the costs of maintaining your equipment may be more than they need to be.

Stop the unplanned stoppages

When equipment breaks down, production stops and product spoils as temperatures rise. And you experience loss……which is a critical cost.

Downtime is any time that it takes to complete the repair. And with refrigeration service technicians in high demand (with a very low supply) this downtime can sometimes extend far longer than you’d like. Or your bank would like…

…because you’re responding reactively, not proactively.

Unpredictable and random

Breakdowns are unpredictable and random – and often come at the worst times.

So you’re not able to plan repairs, and you have incomplete records of work done.

Technicians aren’t able to attack major reliability issues.

Of course, a proactive maintenance system won’t mean your equipment won’t break down – but it will mean you are in control and can make decisions in a timely and structured way.

A proactively managed maintenance plan allows you to control the maintenance activity, rather than to be controlled by it.

And when your equipment receives adequate maintenance, experience tells us it’s less likely to fail.

Preventative Maintenance is key

The previous owner didn’t maintain any of the equipment – the upkeep was very poor.”

Kube Cafe owner Diane Santos

If you experience a breakdown on a piece of equipment that has been regularly maintained, the damage is usually not as bad as that of a poorly maintained piece of equipment.

Maintenance agreements are produced in partnership with the customer and the equipment distributor – and are detailed and exhaustive. Each component has its own schedule, and maintenance is performed and electronically signed off for compliance.

The technical experts at Big Bear have the ability to design a maintenance programme that will ensure your systems perform at their peak, stay icy-cold and you don’t lose your cool … or your stock.

The real cost

It’s probably worth mentioning that a proactive maintenance system produces a more cost-effective maintenance system. You’ll know and understand up front what the ongoing costs will be.

You’ll develop a relationship with a technician who will have intimate knowledge and understanding of your machinery, plant and systems … and this will help you adequately forecast for the future.

Knowing what to look for

Big Bear’s Jason Tink encourages his clients and customers to look for the warning signs of equipment problems are – sometimes it’s not blindingly obvious and it pays to be vigilant…

…because being vigilant can save you time and money. And being proactive instead of reactive keeps you a step ahead of any issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems. Depending on the component and the system, your services will be monthly, every second month, half yearly or annually – before summer.

Being proactive will change the outcome for your equipment…

…And for your business. So why wait? Put a proactive maintenance programme in place today. Contact us here.