Matt Whiteland

Operations Manager

Big Bear Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Refrigeration specialist Matt Whiteland has enjoyed over 30 years at the top of his game, in an industry desperately lacking in qualified technicians. A natural-born problem solver, Matt takes enormous satisfaction in finishing a job, and finishing it well.

“I love my job. I like standing back at the end thinking, ‘I’ve done that, I’ve achieved something.’

I love fixing what other people can’t. It’s what lights my fire.”

Matt has had an impressive career to date. He was involved in the commissioning of Co2 supermarkets from the ground up, and this is something he is incredibly proud of.

It’s hard to find this kind of expertise … and it’s part of the reason Big Bear are the leaders in our field.

It’s definitely a feather in my cap.”

Matt started in the refrigeration industry when he left school. His dad encouraged him and he followed in his footsteps. After studying in England, he pursued his career development the same way as he pursues most things in life – with passion and precision.

“There was never a moment where I said ‘I can’t’. I’m like that with most things, it’s not who I am. I want to do a good job and have a good name – that’s what I care about.”

A fully qualified Dive Master, Matt now dives as a hobby and to help other people develop their dive skills. In his spare time he builds model helicopters, something that really taps into his perfectionism.

“There’s no room for error on a helicopter. You have to be precise otherwise it won’t fly.”

Matt Whiteland is also devastatingly honest. Straight up and down, when you deal with Matt, what you see is always what you get.

“I’ve never had a problem with telling a customer the truth. If you’re honest with a customer, the relationship is better.”

Matt enjoys the partnership he has with Big Bear founder Jason Tink.

Together their skills and expertise complement each other and their dedication to being the best in the business drives them to succeed.

“We like knowing we’ve done it better than anyone else could have.”

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