Are you maintaining your equipment regularly?

One of the most common mistakes clients make, when equipment is running smoothly, is to set and forget.

But it’s a big no-no, because when systems aren’t maintained regularly, experience tells us they’ll start having problems. And when you experience problems, you experience loss. Loss of product, loss of income, loss of customers.

These losses can have a critical impact on your business. Nothing can hurt your business and profit like your commercial refrigeration unit having a meltdown. Or an air conditioning system that’s making people sick.

Luckily, most breakdowns can be prevented with simple, regular maintenance by skilled mechanics and technicians who use a trusted fair pricing system.

We are Sydney’s leading refrigeration specialists

…with a proven process for ensuring the ongoing health of your commercial refrigeration system. Our highly skilled, 24/7 technicians will review, assess, maintain and fix your industrial and commercial refrigerator and air conditioning equipment.

We provide a high-level maintenance programme and a proven process developed with the manufacturers to keep your systems healthy.

And we implement preventative maintenance solutions to stop problems recurring.



We listen to your concerns and work hard to assess the ongoing needs of your commercial refrigeration or air conditioning systems. Our priority is to ensure the ongoing health of your equipment, and our years of experience mean we’re able to deliver a plan that will provide the very best possible outcome.



Our skilled technicians custom design a maintenance system that will:

  • maximise and improve performance and efficiency
  • increase reliability
  • increase the life expectancy of the components
  • reduce running costs
  • reduce breakdowns and downtime
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • assist with compliance.

We work closely with the manufacturers to ensure the health and longevity of every part.

And in between scheduled services, we design a maintenance checklist for you, so you can avoid sudden problems and costly fixes.



Our industrial and commercial mechanics make regular scheduled visits to service your refrigeration or air conditioning system. Depending on your unique requirements, we’ll visit you monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually, pre-summer.

Our technicians thoroughly check every part of your system, and we replace parts as required by the maintenance agreement.

We take care of the pesky paperwork for certification and compliance. Our qualified technicians provide certification and maintenance sheets, all done online and sent directly to your Operations and Accounts teams.

And, as part of your maintenance agreement with Big Bear, we will itemise the expenditure on your capital equipment and provide an audit on the maintenance per item.



Our maintenance programmes ensure the health and longevity of your equipment. But we know that equipment does need replacing eventually, and we offer a design and engineering consultancy to help you through this process.

We look at how we can best upgrade your system. We provide expert advice on design and energy efficiency, operational and service costings and more. Our Big Bear Fair Pricing System ensures you are getting the very best value for money consultancy service … as well as benefiting from our years of experience and expertise in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.

Ready to let Big Bear look after your commercial refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance? Contact the team at Big Bear today.

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