Keep your Air conditioner Mould-free

The office lurgy … it’s a terrible affliction and when it strikes your workplace there’s often a domino effect of sick days.

People get struck down one by one and it can have a massive impact on productivity.

But imagine if the lurgy was preventable?

Sometimes it isn’t the seasonal flu that’s making staff sick … it could be mould and bacteria growing in the office air conditioner.

Perfect environment for growth

Mould and bacteria love a damp, dark environment and an air conditioning system creates the perfect breeding ground for these nasties.

The air conditioning process involves cold gas being circulated through air conditioner coils. These coils form condensation when the warm air from inside the building is blown around them.

Once chilled, the air is then blown back out into the office and the moisture is captured in a drainage system and directed into the building’s plumbing.

Despite the moisture being drained, standing water can still be present in small amounts on the coils and in condensate pans, providing enough residue for growth.

The system’s filter is also a factor in the presence of bacteria or mould spores. If the filter is old, worn out or dirty, then it is unlikely to be working effectively and could be promoting microbial growth rather than keeping the air clean.

Reduced efficiency and poor air quality

If the evaporator coils are dirty with bacteria growth or other contaminants, it can directly affect the system’s ability to function efficiently.

More energy is required to cool or heat the building which will result in higher utility bills.

Depending on the location of the growth within the system, it is highly possible that the bacteria or mould spores are being dispersed directly into the building’s air … creating the dreaded office lurgy!

Respiratory infections, exacerbated allergies and at the worst end of the scale, Legionnaire’s disease, are all possible illnesses that can be contracted from air conditioning systems.

Mould-free solution

“What’s the solution?” we hear you ask …

The number one way to minimise uninvited microbial growth is regular, routine maintenance.

Big Bear offers a preventative maintenance plan that will ensure your system is in optimal condition and is free from potential contaminants.

Some of the specific tasks performed in Big Bear’s maintenance are:

  • Air intakes and exhaust outlets inspected and cleaned
  • Air filters assessed and cleaned or replaced
  • Evaporator coils inspected and cleaned
  • Trays and sumps cleaned
  • Condensate drainage lines flushed clean
  • Ductwork in vicinity of moisture producing equipment cleaned

And much, much more.

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