Jason Tink

Managing Director

Big Bear Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (BBRAC)
Specialist in Industrial,Commercial,Supermarket Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

“I just love what I do. I’m passionate about fixing things and making things work. I’ve always been like that. Our typical day is all about solving problems – you need to be a logical thinker and understand how things work.”

Jason Tink is a brilliant, natural-born problem solver. Intensely driven, he’d had four jobs before he’d even left school.

He’s also a perfectionist and is constantly looking for new challenges.

“I finish things. I do a job and I try and do it correctly to a high standard.”

Jason started Big Bear Refrigeration and Air Conditioning because he could see a massive gap in the industry for skilled technicians. He holds a dual qualification in mechanical fitting and refrigeration, and between himself and business partner Matt, they bring almost thirty years of experience to an industry that has a desperate shortage of skilled, qualified technicians.

It’s not something he takes lightly.

“For me, it’s about getting a good outcome for the client … and it’s also about the journey, not the destination. I like to set myself big challenges and meet them head on.”

Practical and purposeful, Jason relaxes by listening to music and enjoys going on holidays … not that he’s had much time off since starting Big Bear Refrigeration and Air conditioning with Matt Whiteland.

Jason met business partner Matt when they both worked with a big supermarket chain.

“I had to deal with him regularly. I didn’t like him at first – his job was to give me a hard time and question everything I was doing. But over time we became friends, and eventually decided to combine our talents, team up and see what we could achieve.”

At the core of the Big Bear business is customer service, customer focused solutions and the pursuit of service excellence.

“We treat employees and customers as family – and strive for continual growth and improvement.”

Jason enjoys watching documentaries, talking about politics and achieving what people say is impossible.



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