Frigbot – Control at your fingertips

How to put stock losses behind you … control at your fingertips!

Ahhhh, gadgets. We really do love them. And when they come with their very own app, it’s like Christmas Day…

…every day.

Here at Big Bear, we are constantly looking at technology and innovations to find ways to better service our customers and to minimise the risk of stock loss…

…because it’s not just stock you are losing. You could lose customers, brand reputation and income.

Is your fridge set to self destruct?

Is your fridge set to self-destruct?

Did you know that 99.75% of refrigeration equipment is simply turned on and left to eventually fail because it has no monitoring?

Connected fridges are monitored by your fridge mechanic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Equipment issues are immediately reported to you in real time and most issues are detected about two days before they can cause a breakdown.

It sounds very enticing, right? That’s because it is. You’ll sleep soundly knowing that you won’t get to work and find any nasty surprises the next day.

With immediate access to all the information from anywhere, you know exactly what is happening at all times. You’ll even receive alerts so your equipment can call you when it’s in trouble.

Meet your new best friend - the Frigbot

Meet your new best friend - the Frigbot

You’re always in control with Frigbot. Frigbot is designed to work with all major electronic refrigeration controllers.
Your very own Frigbot is cloud based – each cellular wireless device connects your refrigeration equipment to the Frigbot cloud with access to all functions over the Internet from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Your configuration parameters are uploaded automatically to the cloud. You can view, change and remotely deploy configuration settings.

The reporting capabilities are all customisable, and you can configure your Frigbot to send you regular email reports and graphs that show time, temperature and performance.

You can also enable temperature alerts and time-based maintenance alerts. Alerts can be sent via email or SMS to multiple recipients.

Sounds enticing, right?

100% peace of mind

100% peace of mind

Fixing issues before your equipment self-destructs will save you thousands of dollars.

How? Because your new best friend Frigbot has the ability to measure electrical current in real time.

This is essential if you need the operational status of refrigeration equipment.

If you measure electrical current you can remotely determine if a compressor has a potential fault – this is a huge time saver for a busy refrigeration mechanic.

Having your fridge mechanic monitor your equipment 24/7 will be the smartest business move you’ll make this year.

How does it work?

The Frigbot uses the cellular network to send refrigeration status and configuration information to our cloud servers.

No need for any WiFi connectivity; use your Frigbots anywhere that a mobile phone works!

It’s safe to say the team at Big Bear are big fans of the Frigbot … and that installing one should be a ‘no brainer’.

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