Kristle van Bijion

The air conditioning system in our Cammeray office died four months ago! We experienced a lot of delays because we had to go through our strata building management. By the time we got in touch with Jason from Big Bear, six or seven contractors had already been through the building, but they weren’t able to […]

Mark Garratt

We recently had defrosted coil heaters burn out. This iced up the evaporator coil and completely distorted the coil. Jason and Matt were able to save us thousands of dollars and installed new heaters through a distorted coil. Thanks for your perseverance guys!

Diane Santos

I really appreciate Jason from Big Bear Refrigeration for saving my business and the sanity of my staff members. He fixed numerous refrigeration issues for me from my cool room to my freezer system. The most difficult issue I had was my salad bar and under bench refrigeration system. I had two other companies come […]

Dave Jarred

Jason from Big Bear Refrigeration made such a great effort with our large freezer room. Our compressors kept failing and Matt re-commissioned the rack which had no safety control circuit. His work prevented a further loss of another $50,000 worth of compressors. The feedback we received was honest and their communication was always appreciated. A […]