Breakdown service - refrigeration and HVAC

Breakdown service - refrigeration and HVAC

Are you having trouble with your commercial fridge, freezer or HVAC?

Food spoiling? Not cold enough? Too cold? Fan not working? Rooms at different temperatures? Air not balanced? Staff getting sick?

Are you struggling to find a qualified technician to fix your equipment before you lose your cool?

We know – we’ve heard all the horror stories and more. Demand for skilled technicians is high, and supply is low.

Qualified mechanics are here for you 24/7

Here at Big Bear, we know refrigeration and HVAC problems can be complex, and using under-qualified technicians can be catastrophic.

We’re available 24/7, because we understand what can go wrong.  With refrigeration, it comes down to one word – loss.

  • Loss of product / stock
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of customers

These losses can have a critical impact on your business. Refrigeration is such an integral element to clients in food storage and processing, beverages, cold storage and energy efficiency.

And problems with air conditioning are just as complex. Poor heating and cooling in an office block or shopping centre can lead to a lack of productivity and poor health.

The key word here is healthy … because in an office block or shopping centre, poor air can make people sick.

“We are determined to turn any losses around and give the customer a better experience.” Jason Tink, Owner / Director, Big Bear

Sydney’s leading refrigeration and air conditioning repair team

Sydney’s leading refrigeration and air conditioning repair team

We are Sydney’s leading commercial refrigeration and HVAC specialists, and our highly skilled, 24/7 technicians will review, assess and fix your refrigerator and air conditioning problems first time, every time…

And thanks to our Big Bear Fair Pricing System, we’ve earned the enviable reputation as Sydney’s most trusted service team – and this gives us a tremendous sense of pride.

What happens when you call us?

Refrigeration Breakdown Service
We listen and prioritise

When you call Big Bear, you’ll talk to a highly qualified, skilled technician.

We’re available 24/7, which ensures you’ll receive a rapid response.

We work hard to understand the situation. We take you through a series of questions so we have a thorough understanding of the urgency, as well as the environmental and mechanical details.

Based on the problem, we’ll prioritise your job.

We attend and Assess
We attend and assess

Our rapid response team arrive on site to assess your system.

We have 24-hour access to suppliers to ensure we can get your equipment up and running quickly, and any downtime is minimised.

Once we are on site, we provide you with a quote for parts and labour, with the Big Bear Fair Pricing System that is simply unequalled in our industry.

We fit and fix and We prevent and maintain
We fit and fix

Once we have sourced any parts required, we fit and fix your commercial refrigeration or air conditioning system. We only charge you for work performed under our Big Bear Fair Pricing System.

We prevent and maintain

We’re fiercely passionate about refrigeration and air conditioning … and we’ve developed a maintenance programme designed to keep your system ice-cold … so you can keep your cool.

Read more about our maintenance programme here.

Big Bear Fair Pricing System

Big Bear Fair Pricing System

When we quote your job, our qualified technicians make our best estimate of the time it will take to complete …

…but if the job takes less time than the original quote … we’ll only charge you for the hours worked.

So you know that our quote is the maximum you will pay… but the final bill could be significantly less.

So not only do our clients enjoy a superior skill level from a hugely experienced technician, but they have absolute trust in our quoting and invoicing process.

Reducing downtime. Delivering Solutions

Reducing downtime. Delivering Solutions

The Big Bear team focus on reducing downtime and delivering positive solutions to your refrigeration and HVAC problems.

With almost 30 years’ experience, our expertise covers a wide variety of systems.

Read more about our capability here.

We work quickly and efficiently to ensure minimal disruption to your day to day operations and customers, and we get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Our team have the experience and equipment to accurately diagnose, and quickly fix, your refrigeration and air conditioning emergencies –

before you lose your cool.

If your commercial fridge needs repairing, or you need a commercial fridge mechanic, contact the team at Big Bear today.

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