Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains

If there’s one thing that Big Bear customers want … it’s an energy efficient commercial freezer.

Strip curtains are a popular option to help maintain temperatures within freezer rooms, but most current models have gaps between the strips and therefore allow the cold air to escape, and worse still … the hot air in!

This air exchange means that the refrigeration system needs to work harder to keep the temperature regulated.

And this means higher energy bills.

But there is a way to reduce your energy bill … dramatically.

Why choose Cold Stop®?

Cold Stop® insulated curtains are an innovative alternative to the traditional plastic strip curtains that are commonly used in many cold-rooms. They are made using Tempro®, a lightweight, thermal insulation material. They are highly cost-effective with professional trials indicating that the thermal value of a Cold Stop® curtain is at least ten times greater than regular plastic strip models.

Why choose Cold Stop

Some fantastic features of the Cold Stop® curtain are …

  • Substantial energy savings; you can expect 25% in fridges or 33% in freezers.
  • Soft, user-friendly material with low maintenance requirements; they are easily cleaned or replaced.
  • Variable sizes available – standard is 300mm wide x 2.3m high.
  • Unique ‘cold lock’ system ensures the curtains fit neatly and effectively to the floor and ceiling.
  • Unique patented header arrangement is a design and efficiency breakthrough.
  • Fitted with Bio-Gard anti-bacterial windows.

The savings you will make by installing the Cold Stop® curtain will maximise the return on your investment in only a few months.

New to the Australian market

New to Australian market

The Tempro® material and Cold Stop® insulated curtain were developed in the United Kingdom (UK) by Seymour Manufacturing International and are new to the Australian market. The ground-breaking design is employed by some of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, such as Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Lidl.

But its applications are not limited to retail. Organisations such as the UK Ministry of Defence and the National Health Service (NHS) also utilise the thermal insulation to protect food, chemicals and agricultural products.

In Australia, there is currently only one retailer using the system, but they are already seeing impressive energy savings.

And now Big Bear is ready to help you embrace the Cold Stop® system, too.

Other Tempro® products are also available. Contact us for more information.

Custom ordered to suit your needs

Custom ordered to suit your needs

The specialist range of Cold Stop® and Tempro® refrigeration products are manufactured in the UK. Big Bear will determine the perfect solution for your needs and customise your order accordingly.

Your insulated curtains are shipped direct from the manufacturer either by air freight or sea, depending on your requirements.

As soon as your shipment arrives, Big Bear will fit and install to your satisfaction.

Big Bear and Cold Stop will save you money

Big Bear and Cold Stop® will save you money

Once your Cold Stop® curtains are installed, your savings will begin! You will recognise a decrease in your energy consumption and enjoy lower power bills.

The highly skilled Big Bear team of technicians will tailor a maintenance program to suit your needs and ensure that your newly installed curtains are kept in optimal condition.

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