Bogalara Group

Bogalara Group

The Bogalara Group needed the technical expertise and speedy response to breakdowns Big Bear could provide … and a successful partnership was born.

The Bogalara Group is a highly respected, big player in the kitchen building sector.

They advise on all aspects of kitchen building and design, and they manage kitchen equipment for manufacturing purposes.

And there’s only one team they trust to fix any issues that arise – the team from Big Bear.

“Jason was recommended to us by another company … we asked him to work on a big job at Seven Hills for us,” Mark Garratt explains.

“Jason does all the breakdown servicing and advising on the equipment we manage.”

Diagnostic Expertise

“Jason quickly diagnoses any problems we experience in the plant, so we’re able to minimise downtime, disruptions and stoppages.

His attention to detail is incredible, and he gets in and out efficiently, with minimal fuss.

I’ve dealt with many technicians in my time, and I haven’t found anyone better than Jason Tink.”

The problem with technicians today

Mark says there’s a massive shortage of knowledge … and you need knowledge to define the product and to find out what’s wrong – quickly.

He says it’s a skill, a talent that he hasn’t seen in many other technicians.

“Jason and Matt do a bloody good job. Diagnostics is their area of expertise, and it’s why I recommend the Big Bear services to many other people.”

Honest and Fair

Honesty is hard to come by in business today, and in an industry where variations are thrown around at the end of a job as though they’re an entitlement, the way Big Bear have structured their quoting procedures really impressed the Bogalara Group.

“If it’s quoted, it’s done at the quoted price, or less. They do what they say they’re going to do, and they stick to their word. Their fair pricing system really is fair.”

A desperate lack of skill…

“I could give the contract to a hundred other people – and most of them would have let me down. There are some things really missing – skill, experience and talent.“

Mark Garratt knows a little about refrigeration and HVAC. Just enough to read gauges and know when things aren’t doing what they should … but not quite enough to fix things.

“I’m not qualified like they are. I know what I’m looking for, and if I find a problem I’ll call Big Bear and they’ll manage it for me.”

When timing matters…

Sometimes it’s just not the right time to replace equipment.

Busy times mean downtime can have dire consequences.

“We have an evaporator that desperately needs to be replaced. We’re working with Jason to get it to January, when we are quieter, before we replace it.

It’s small adjustments and ongoing maintenance that will help us get through the busy time.”

A strong partnership

“There’s no waffle. Their information is not clouded by anything – it’s clear and concise. ‘This is the problem, this is how we’re going to fix it.’ I don’t have time to listen to long waffled stories and how, what, why and where.”

The partnership between the Bogalara Group and Big Bear is solid and based on mutual respect and a strong foundation.

Which is, of course, exactly the way partnerships should be.

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