Nonna’s Bakery

Nonna’s Bakery Needs Big Bear

Nonna’s prides itself on quality breads that contain simple, authentic, traditional ingredients.

Nonna’s Bakery is a well-established commercial baker that produces large quantities of breads for supermarket chains such as Aldi …

…as well as smaller retailers, fruit markets and convenience stores.

Nonna’s prides itself on quality breads that contain simple, authentic, traditional ingredients.

Fresh yeast is the key

They offer an extensive range of different variety loaves, including Italian classics like pane di casa, ciabatta and biscotti.

All their baking starts with a fresh liquid yeast. This is the key ingredient that creates their impressive products.

It is absolutely imperative that the yeast is always maintained at a specific temperature. Any variation could potentially kill the yeast and cause major problems for their production.

This is where Jason from Big Bear Refrigeration has been an important service provider.

David Jarrett from Nonna’s maintenance team explains …

“At the bakery we use a fresh liquid yeast that must be kept at a certain temperature. We cannot afford to let our yeast spoil … it is core to our fresh bakery products. We have had issues in the past and Jason has been able to come on a weekend, change a compressor and get the unit back online for us without any losses.

His service, his ability to find out what the problem is quickly and fix it, is why he’s always our first choice.”

Cold storage facility

In addition to the commercial bakery refrigeration system, Nonna’s also have a cold storage facility located in Wetherill Park.

They store much of their frozen product at this centre.

They also offer this cold storage service to other businesses who require a freezer for their goods, but do not have the facility themselves.

David tells us …

“The cold storage is another place where Jason is crucial for our business. If we have a break-down, we need to act fast.”

“Jason always arrives when he says he will and is prompt in his assessment.”

“We can’t afford to lose any product, especially when it is a customer’s stock … Jason is especially helpful for us here.

“He’s great at assessing where the problem lies, determining what needs to be done, sourcing the parts and getting refrigeration back up and running quickly.”

“If we ever have a problem, Jason’s number is permanently in my phone. I know I can message him straight away …

…even on a weekend, and I know he’ll get onto it!”

The professional, easy-going relationship Jason maintains with the team at Nonna’s gives them complete confidence in his work.

Jason and Big Bear Refrigeration are big enough to deliver this level of service to a business like Nonna’s, but also small enough to be able to act quickly when needed in emergency situations.

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