Big Bear Capability

Big Bear Capability

Big Bear are Sydney’s leading commercial refrigeration and HVAC service specialists.

Our highly skilled, fully qualified technicians will review, assess and fix your industrial and commercial refrigerator and air conditioning problems first time, every time.

Our team have the experience and equipment to deliver on promise, within the time frame you need.

So you won’t lose your cool.

Our Core Capabilities

What sets Big Bear apart from the competition?

Unrivalled Expertise

Unrivalled Expertise

The technical experience and expertise from the Big Bear team is unequalled in Sydney today.

Our team brings over thirty years of experience to an industry that has a desperate shortage of skilled, qualified technicians…

…earning us the enviable reputation as Sydney’s leading commercial refrigeration and air conditioning team.

Industry Best Equipment

Industry Best Equipment

At Big Bear, not only do we have the skills and knowledge to keep your commercial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment ice-cold…

…we also have state of the art, industry best diagnostic equipment so we can quickly and accurately diagnose and fix problems like gas leaks and equipment breakdowns.

Rapid Response

Rapid Response Breakdown Service 24/7

If you have a problem with your commercial refrigeration or air conditioning systems…

…Big Bear will identify the problem, fix the problem and control the process.

Preventative Maintenance Programmes

Our team will design a maintenance programme that will keep your refrigeration systems ice-cold and mitigate the chance of loss…

…loss of product, loss of income, loss of customers…

Professional Partnerships

We partner with customers ranging from large multinational supermarket chains to bespoke bakeries, caterers and cafes to make sure your temperatures stay down – and you keep your cool.

Fair Pricing System

You’ll keep costs down thanks to the Big Bear Fair Pricing System. We are fiercely proud of our innovative Fair Pricing system. It’s a system you can trust.

“When we quote your job, we make our best estimate of the time it will take to complete… but if the job takes less time than the original quote… we’ll only charge you for the hours worked.” Jason Tink

Who we partner with

Who we partner with:

  • Supermarkets
  • Cold storage factories and distribution facilities
  • Meat and poultry production and processing facilities
  • Food manufacturing and process cooling facilities
  • Pharmaceutical businesses
  • Petrochemical companies
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Cafes
  • Dairy businesses
  • Bakeries

Our technical capabilities:

✓Refrigeration Consultancy (Design, Engineering)

✓Energy efficiency audits

✓Used plant evaluation and brokering

✓Pressure vessel design

✓Safety audits

Technical Capabilities

✓Plant and associated equipment drawings

✓Compliance audits

✓Maintenance planning

✓Industrial Refrigeration Training (Co2 Cascade Systems or Freon Refrigeration Training)

✓Relocation plans

✓Compressor overhauls

✓Air handling units (air conditioning)

✓Air balancing of air conditioning duct work

✓Water loop systems

Technical Capabilities

✓Car park ventilation

✓Oil analysis

✓Cooling towers

✓Electric duct heaters

✓Heat exchanges

✓Corrosion prevention

✓Air cooled condensers / fluid cooled condensers / evaporative coolers

Technical Capability

✓Expansion and storage tanks


✓Vibration isolators

✓Ducted air systems

✓Package units

✓Split air-conditioners

✓Air handling change over under fire test/smoke conditions

Technical Capabilities

✓Mechanical switchboards

✓Plant room

✓Air filter

✓Duct cleaning/ Plenum chamber cleaning

✓Coil cleaning/ heat reclaim coils

✓Exhaust systems

✓Water misting systems

✓Case cleaning and cool rooms

Our Partners

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